About US


Smruthi Organics Limited is a public limited company listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). The registered office is located in Solapur with a satellite office in Mumbai.


We have two manufacturing facilities in Solapur, Maharashtra, India with a combined reactor capacity of more than 325 kL. We have a combination of Stainless Steel and Glass Lined reactors ranging from 250 L – 7000 L enabling us to manufacture API from kilo to metric ton scale. We have 7 clean rooms with class 100000 classification.


We have state of the art quality control infrastructure allowing us to perform all release testing in-house. Our experienced professionals are committed to assure highest levels of product quality and customer satisfaction. Our strong technical and documentation support to our customers has enabled us to earn the business association of several global pharmaceutical companies.


The company follows a proactive approach to Environmental compliance and boast of a zero discharge ETP in our main manufacturing facility. The company has a dedicated team to take actively manage Environmental, Health & Safety policies to assure excellence in addition to compliance.